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Home Fragrance
Lauched in 2011 our signature range is bursting with diverse products to suit every home. 19 aromas available.

Home Fragrance 


  • Large Pop Jars
    Made with the finest ingredients our large candles burn cleanly for up to 100 hours of pleasure leaving you with a glass jar that can be put through the dishwasher. It comes with a cute recycled wood lid which can be upcycled as a jam jar, a storage jar or for making a winter-warming sloe gin...
    The only choice in natural wax candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Aromapot Tumblers

    Made with our unique 100% natural plant wax blend. Our 20cl candle is presented with our cutely designed box. The recycled glass filled jar will burn for up to 50 hours leaving no waste. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.

  • 9CL Votive
    Made with our unique 100% Natural plant wax blend. Ideal small travel size. Clean burning time up to 25 hours leaving no waste.
    Made with recycled glass and dishwasher friendly! Available in 15 wonderful aromas. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Fragrance Diffusers 100ml

    All reed diffusers come wrapped and sleeved in our signature boxes.
    Each reed diffuser contains quality aromatic alcohol-free oil and rattan reeds in a 100ml glass bottle. Available in 17 inviting aromas.

  • Fragrance Diffuser...
    100ml glass bottle with aluminium top filled with our amazing aromas. Each refill includes a free set of reed sticks.
  • Wax Melts
    Made with our unique blend of 100% Organic plant wax. Firtsly remove the paper and label.  Simply place the cute little cupcake-shaped melt on top of any suitable burner and place a t-light inside the burner. Enjoy your favourite aroma lasting for up to 30 hours.
  • Burners

     Ceramic burner suitable for use with any of our oils or wax melts. Simply put a t-light under the bowl and enjoy the aromas for many hours...!

  • Room Sprays 100ml
    Available in 6 luxurious aromas these 100ml room sprays are perfect for that surprise knock at the door :-). Available in a mixed variety of aromas from Relaxing to Lime, Basil & Mandarin, Cotton Fresh to Recharge. They come with a spray nozzel and safety top.
  • Organic Range 180ml Pots

    180ml brown apothecary style glass. These candles come in 7 wonderful aromas burning for up to 50 hours with 8% perfume. The only choice in natural candles - Celtic Candles.
  • Organic Range Diffuser...

    150ml brown glass bottle with black top. Available in 7 aromas and includes a free set of black reed sticks.

    Enjoy your favorite scent with Celtic Candles’ Organic Range Diffuser Refill 150ml

    A home that smells clean and fresh is comforting and this is what you will get with the Organic Range Diffuser Refill 150ml from Celtic Candles.  Our fragrance diffusers are flame free and this makes them a hassle-free and nonstop fragrance for your living space. With our range of refills in a variety of fragrances, you never have to worry if your favorite diffuser finally runs out of oil.

    Fresh fragrance

    With our diffuser refills, you can enjoy longer-lasting scent in your home or office. You will get concentrated essential oils in beautiful, refillable glass bottles. We have a wide range of fragrances that do not just smell great, but also have therapeutic benefits for your body and mind. Our diffuser refills will transform the mood as it fills your space with natural goodness. We have a range of fragrances that can help you relax, revive, invigorate, unwind, rejuvenate, uplift your spirits, or recharge your mind and body.

    Organic ingredients

    Our Organic Range Diffuser Refill 150ml products are 100% natural and ethically sourced. Our products finely crafted from organic ingredients and do not contain any artificial components. Our aromatherapy fragrances will help you balance your emotions and help you shed off any unnecessary worries. With our diffuser refills, you do not have to worry about artificial chemicals or additives. 

    Decorative pieces

    Our Organic Range Diffuser Refill 150ml fragrances come in stunning glass bottles that are beautifully adorned and stylishly simple. This makes them a practical and must-have decorative element for any space. Add a modern decorative touch to your home with our simple and elegant reed diffuser bottles.

    Diffusers have rapidly grown to become the best alternatives to scented candles. This is mainly because of their wonderfully vibrant aromas and the fact that they are flame-free making them absolutely safe. At Celtic Candles, we have a range of diffusers and diffuser refills to ensure that your home or office is always wrapped in your favorite scent.
  • Organic Range 200ml...

    200ml brown diffuser glass with wooden top. We use 30% perfume in each diffuser to give a lasting constant aroma.

    Refresh Your Space All Year Round with Our Organic Range 200ml Diffusers

    Diffusers are fast becoming a fashionable, but practical way to fragrance any space or room. At Celtic Candles, we have a wide range of Organic Range 200ml Diffusers that will immediately transform the smell of your space. Our diffusers are also easy to use by everyone. All you need to do is insert the handy sticks inside the oil and then place them in your desired room or location. Fragrance your whole home in a stylish and practical way with Celtic Candles’ Organic Range 200ml Diffuser.

    Adds style to your space

    Not only do diffusers smell great, but they also look good. This makes them a stylish addition to your window sills, or a centerpiece for your tables. With our range of diffusers, you will enjoy an amazing style and scent in every room. Try out any Organic Range 200ml Diffuser and add a subtletouch of luxury and amazing scent to your space.


    Our diffusers are extremely practical. Once you put the sticks in the oil, the fragrance will be spread constantly all through the room. Nothing makes you feel better than having your favorite scent welcoming you to a room when you walk in the door after a tiresome day.

    Great smell every time

    With any Celtic Candles’ Organic Range 200ml Diffuser, you will always be ready for the unexpected. This is because your home will always be scented wonderfully and you will not worry when you have unexpected visitors or family members. You will always impress everyone with a beautiful fragrance anytime.

    Our Organic Range 200ml Diffuser, will last for several weeks. Furthermore, we have some refillable diffusers. This means that you will always get great value for your money. With our 200ml sizes of organic diffusers, your home will smell great all year round. Try out our luxurious, powerful range of diffuser scents today and refresh your home with a fresh scent.

  • Organic tumbler
    20cl container burning for 40-50 hours using only ever organic plant wax and a blend of the finest aromas.

    Get a Clean, Fresh Scent with Any Organic Tumbler Candle with a Wooden Lid

    Celtic Candles’ Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid will infuse your space with a beautiful aroma and add a touch of style to your existing décor. At Celtic Candles, we care about the quality and durability of our candles. Our tumbler candles will offer you an exceptional experience from the first moment you light them. The lead-free wick system offers an inviting, warm glow that spreads authentic fragrance in your space thoroughly and quickly. With its premium ingredients, our tumbler candles deliver a clean burn, ensuring that you focus on their heavenly aroma instead of a burning smell. The sleek tumbler design from our candles will also serve as a trendy decorative accent for your home.

    Safe ingredients

    All our tumbler candles are finely crafted using only organic and safe ingredients. None of our candles includes banned or harmful chemicals and they are certified to be safe for domestic use. With an Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid fromCeltic Candles, you can be confident that you and your family will enjoy the therapeutic and mood enhancing benefits of our fragrances without worrying about any harmful chemicals.

    Clean Burn

    Our tumbler candles guarantee a clean burn from the top of every tumbler jar to its bottom. This means that you will not see any black residues on the ceilings or walls of the tumbler. Our tumbler and lid can also be cleaned and reused.

    Fresh Fragrance

    At Celtic Candles, genuine fragrance is our major selling point. We guarantee you that you will enjoy a pleasant, potent aroma whenever you burn our candles. Our tumbler candles will bring a beautiful, fresh scent into your home or office. We have a variety of fragrances that you can choose from depending on what you really want to achieve. Some of the tumbler candles fragrances we have formulated include revive, relax, unwind, recharge, invigorate, uplift, and rejuvenate.
    Our sleek tumbler candles will revamp any space such as your coffee table, counter, or even bookshelf while giving out pleasant and inviting fragrances. Each of our 20-oz. scented tumbler candles burn features lead-free wicks and burns for about 40 to 50 hours.  Enjoy the finest blend of aromas with an Organic Tumbler with Wooden Lid from Celtic Candles.  Check out our range of candle tumbler jars to get the perfect fragrance that suits your home or office.
  • Celtic organic body...

    Revitalize Your Skin with Celtic Organic Body Oils 150m

    Celtic Organic Body Oils 150ml is a natural based product that gives your skin that smooth, silky feel.Celtic Candles’ body oil offers consumers an alternative to commonly available body lotions. Our body oil will keep your skin moisturized and will also relax your mind and enhance your overall health.

    Pure and Unrefined

    Celtic Organic Body Oils 150ml is a rich and nourishing oil that is ideal for daily use on the face and body. It is renowned for its nourishing and ultra-hydrating properties because it is unrefined and pure. Our organic wonder oil effectively soothes your skin and leaves it feeling smooth, supple, and deeply hydrated. Our body oil contains highly concentrated liquids that will enhance the quality and appearance of your skin.

    Pure Extraction Methods

    The key to capturing the therapeutic benefits and aromatic essence of essential oils largely depends on our pristine extraction processes. Our unique extraction processes offer the assurance that all our body oils are of premium quality, efficacy, and purity. All our oils are subjected to arduous laboratory testing to ensure that they meet set standards for potency, efficacy, purity, and authenticity.

    The natural smell of essential oils will lift your mood, revitalize your body, restore the suppleness and smoothness of your skin and provide deep and long-lasting moisture. Our body oil is made from all-natural, organic ingredients and it is suitable for all skin types.  Our body oil can be used as your daily personal beauty routine.  Celtic Organic Body Oils 150ml is the ally of all fragile and sensitive skin. Buy Celtic Candles’ body oil today and give your body a silky and smooth finish.
  • Celtic organic gift sets

    Tips for Choosing Christmas Aroma Candles for Home Decorating

    It is nice to have a fresh smell in your home during the holidays. Candles are an excellent way of naturally freshening up your space during Christmas. Scented candles also help to set the mood for special occasions. There are endless opportunities for using decorative Christmas aromas candles in your home. Here are ways to choose candles for decorating your home.

    Choose the right candle size

    Before you start decorating with candles, you should understand the setting where they will be used. This is important because Christmas candles come in a wide range of sizes. By determining where your candles will be placed, you will be able to choose the right size. At Celtic Candles, we have a wide range of Christmas candles in different sizes to suit your needs.


    When it comes to color, many people prefer white candles because they blend in perfectly with everything. White is a great starting point when picking the right color of Christmas aromas candles to use. Make sure that you use the color wheel when buying colored candles as it will assist you to match the colors with your existing décor. You can also contrast colors to add a nice contrast to your décor and make the candles stand out.


    At Celtic Candles, we have Christmas candles in a variety of shapes. Decorating your home with different shapes of candles will help to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. If you want long-lasting candles, then you should stick to regularly shaped candles because they burn more evenly and prevent wastage of wax, unlike most fancy shaped candles.

    If you are looking for Christmas candles, Celtic Candles has a wide range of options to choose from. Having a set of candles will create an amazing candle glow that will delight everyone and glow all through the holiday. Create memorable Christmas aromas for your family by decorating your home with candles from Celtic Candles.
  • Gift sets Celtic classic
  • Pillow mist 150ml
    150ml pillow mist
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Multi-pack deal. Made with 100% plant wax (soy,palm and rapedeed all organically sourced. Offering a clean burn with no waste and a mixture of the finest oils. Large jar will burn for 90-100 hours and comes with an attractive wooden top ideal for use in a pantry once candle is finished. Choose from any of our amazing aromas.

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Multi-pack deal.

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Containing ingredients such as pomegranate, plum, rhubarb and watermelon. This dark sweet aroma gives an air of refinement and alertness.

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Tingly, bubbly and full of life - ignite this naturally scented candle and add a touch of excitement to any space.

€ 95
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