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Choose from our vast array of pillar candles, t lights, dinner candles for your home or hotel/restaurant. Celtic Candles guarantee to offer the best quality and value candles on the market. All our candles have a guaranteed burning time. They will also burn cleanly with no waste (once instructions are followed). Forget the rest and talk to the best.

We know candles - Celtic Candles established in 1993.



  • Church Candles
    Bolsius made Church/pillar candles. Guaranteed burning times and clean burn.

    The Uses of Church Candles

    In most cultures, light is considered to be a symbol of life-giving power and joy. On the other hand, darkness is associated with destruction and death. Many homeowners light candles in their homes, and they also use them in church for different reasons. At Celtic Candles, we have a wide range of church candles that suit different needs. Our candles can be used for the following:

    During worship

    We understand that many religions use candles during worship. This is why we have a range of candles in different designs and colors that suit your needs. Buddhists believe that candles are the light of the teaching of Buddha, while Christians believe that candles are a representation of the light of Christ. In Judaism, candles serve as a reminder of the divine presence of God.

     Accompanying prayer

    Many people light candles in church to accompany intention or prayer, for example, the Catholic church. They celebrate Christ as being the light of the world and the light of faith in the hearts of believers. Some people believe that smoke from lit church candles is what takes their prayers to heaven.

    Remembrance of the departed souls

    Candles can also be lit as a memorial for the dead. Candles lit for the dead serve as a remembrance of the individual and continuation of the prayers that are offered for that individual during life. We have a wide range of scented candles that can keep the memories of loved ones alive.

    Celtic Candles is the place to go to for all your church candles. With our large selection of candles and candle accessories, you will get items that suit your style. Add a personal touch and get creative with our candles for your special event or church service.
  • Dinner Candles
    Bolsius quality candles. Guarenteed burning times. Available in 10"/12" and 16". Tapered and straight sided.

    The Benefits of Dining at Home with Candles

    For many people, the perception of food is mainly influenced by our body senses including touch, sound, smell, and sight. Adding candles to your dining area helps to enhance the dining experience and will make food and wine taste even better. Some scented candles will have a subtle scent that will complement your food and they also look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Here are the reasons why you need candles when dining at home.

    Candles are great for all meals

    You can always use candles for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Candles will help to keep you feeling chilled and you will end up sitting at the table longer. Scented candles can be great, especially during the weekends when everyone is relaxing at home. When it feels cold or it is raining, you can take out your dinner candles as they provide a level of comfort when dining.

    Everything will look good

    Candlelight will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining area or home. Glasses and cutlery, particularly crystal, tend to sparkle in the light. Candles will help to add elegance and create a table setting that is visually appealing to everyone. Everything will look better in candlelight.

    Enhances calm

    In the fast paced world that we live in today, sitting down to have a meal is one of the ways of slowing down time. This is the perfect moment to engage properly, gather your thoughts, or have a good chat with friends or family. The gentle flicker and warm glow of dinner candles will help to add calm and enhance this experience for you and your family.

    The vast collection of dinner candles at Celtic Candles offers superior versatility, allowing you to create the right look that you have envisioned for your home or business. You can add candles to your dining table to create the best candle-lit atmosphere or you can create a tranquil, soothing feel and look by surrounding your reception area or spa area with candles. 

  • T Light Candles
    Bolsius quality T lights. Available in 4/6/8/10hr maxi lights. Accessories also available.

    Brighten Up Your Home with Our Range of T Light Candles

    It feels great to wake up or even come home after a long, tiresome day to a fresh smell in your house. T light candles are an ideal way of freshening up home with a variety of fragrances that you love. They can also help you set a good mood for special occasions such as romantic dinners and parties. There are also endless ways of using decorative tea candles in your home.

    At Celtic Candles, we offer a wide range of T light candles that can transform the look and smell of your home. Whether you want soy wax or paraffin wax candles, we have everything that you need. Our range of tea light candles is available in different fragrances and you can opt for single or multiple scented candles from Celtic Candles. Our T light candles are made using the best fragrances and raw materials to deliver a truly exotic, rich, and unique experience to our customers.

    Our T light candles will boost the ambiance and add instant impact to your space when they are lit in multiples. We have the perfect blend of scented candles that will transform the smell of your home or room. The wicks will safely extinguish after all the wax has been completely consumed. Our ranges of tea lights are the perfect size for using with tea light holders or in multiples.

    Our range of white or colored T light candles can be used for candle holders, oil burners, decorative accent lighting, and many more.  At Celtic Candles, we strive to bring our customers unique products that are strong on sense and style. Add a flickering ambiance that will provide a great finishing touch for your house with our range of T light candles.
  • Graveyard Candles
    Bolsius quality made graveyard candles. Made with 100% vegetable oil. Guarenteed burning times and available in 3 or 7 day.

    Graveyard Candles Keep the Memory of Loved Ones Alive

    Graveyard candles are memorial products that help to bring the spirit of hope or brightness to your cemetery visits of the grave of a loved one. Most people light candles in memory of the dead person or for commemorating solemn events. Choose from our wide selection of cemetery candles to help you remember your loved one best. We also have a wide range of candles holders that will ensure your candle lasts longer by protecting it from the elements and you can save cash with our unbeatable prices.

    Graveyard candles from Celtic Candles help to create a beautiful atmosphere and a timeless traditional appearance at the graveyard. At Celtic Candles, we stock a wide variety of premium quality candles to suit your needs. Whether you want decorations for the graveyard or for a special event, you will find candles that suit your specific needs.

    We stock both scented and unscented graveyard candles and we source our products from renowned suppliers. Celtic Candles is sure to have everything that you have been searching for. We have different candles in a wide range of scents and colors to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for traditionally shaped candles or fancily shaped candles, we have different types of candles to suit your needs.

    Our range of graveyard candles can be wonderfully combined with our range of tea light candles, floating candles, votive candles, and candle accessories to create a dazzling display and centerpiece at the graveyard. You can couple our graveyard candles with the extensive variety of candle holders from Celtic Candles. Shop at Celtic Candles today for all types of candles and accessories that you need.
  • Candle accessories
    Find a candle holder or accessory that compliment your candle.

    Shop at Celtic Candles for the Best Candle Accessories

    Any candle lover will agree that no candle ensemble will be complete without the best candle accouterments. At Celtic Candles, we provide you with a wide range options of candles accessories that are durable and authentic. With our collection of social lighters, you can always light your candles in style. Our candle wick trimmers will help to perfect your flame. And you can use a candle wick dipper or candle snuffer when you want to extinguish the candles. All our candle accessories offer style and practicality at the same time.

    Homeowners can add a new accessory or buy a gift for their loved ones with our range of beautiful candle holders. We offer a wide range of candle holders in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Our candle holders offer an easy way of elevating the décor of any room. Explore a wide range of signature designs perfect for your home and event from Celtic Candles.

    At Celtic Candles, we have fabulous accessories that will help you to seamlessly coordinate your favorite candle fragrance with your existing décor. With our candle accessories, you can add a special touch to your home before you even strike the match. Browse through our range of candle tools to allow your candles maintain a clean, smooth burn throughout their lifetime. At Celtic Candles, we have something for everyone and for any event that you are planning. Shop now for the best candle fixtures and enjoy the most affordable prices and great discounts that you will never find anywhere else online.
  • Bolsius aromatic range
    Quality made candles. Guaranteed burning time. Clean burning.

    Bolsius Aromatic Range Candles from Celtic Candles

    Bolsius aromatic range of candles from Celtic Candles is a powerful way of creating different moods because of their scents and an instant way of accenting the interior of your home. Whether you are just relaxing at home or planning an event like a civil ceremony, birthday, anniversary or wedding, these candles will transform the mood and ambiance. With over 20 years of experience dealing with different types of candles and fragrances, you can be confident of the premium quality candles and accessories from Celtic Candles.

    We understand that fragrances are quite personal and they can evoke really strong emotions. This is why we offer a variety of different fragrances and products of our Bolsius aromatic range candles. This means that there will always be one or more fragrances that you will love.
    With Bolsius Aromatic, you can choose the right scent to suit any room in your home or any special occasion. Whether you want a fresh herbal fragrance or sweet floral scent, we have fragrances that will give you a peaceful and calm atmosphere. We have convenient fragrance glasses and tea-lights that can be used everywhere and for any moment.
    With the Bolsius aromatic range from Celtic Candles, you can add some light, create a serene atmosphere, and boost the scent in your home. Our countless options of Bolsius aromatic candles will satisfy the needs of the pickiest shoppers. Browse our selection of Bolsius candles in different fragrances and looks today and make a subtle addition or bold statement to your home.
  • Bolsius candles
    Quality candles made in Holland. guarenteed burning times.

    Top Reasons to Buy Bolsius Candles

    Lighting beautiful candles is a great way of bringing warmth and light to your home. Whether you want to relax after a tiring day or are entertaining your friends indoors, a candle will make everything more fragrant and brighter. Switch up to your signature scent with our range of sweet smelling and decorative Bolsius Candles.

    Set a morning or nightly ritual

    With our range of Bolsius Candles, you can use them during any time of day for specific moments such as meditation, yoga, prayer, bath time, and more. Candles will help to enhance your meditative thoughts, allowing you to begin or end your day on the right footing.

    Get restful sleep

    Shutting your lights off earlier and using candlelight will help you feel calmer and more relaxed in the evening. This will help to reset the natural sleep rhythms, allowing your body to rest without disruptions. Bolsius Candles can also help you to become more mindful with your actions and thoughts and will offer a more restful sleep at night.

    Alleviates stress

    People integrate candles into their self-care rituals to eliminate stress and introduce calming properties into their atmosphere. Our range of Bolsius Candles can be used during aromatherapy to improve the quality of sleep and life and assist with depression and anxiety. Candles can also ease the pain, nausea, and other side effects associated with cancer treatments.

    Celtic Candles is a reputable store that offers a wide variety of premium quality creative designs. Our range of candles and accessories are unique, durable, crafted to perfection, and cost-effective. Transform your home into a cozy and beautiful surrounding with our range of visually appealing products.
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Burning time 45 hours. Available in white or Ivory.

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Burning time 64 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 40

Burning time 64 hours. Available in white or Ivory

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Burning time 15 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 39
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