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Choose from our vast array of pillar candles, t lights, dinner candles for your home or hotel/restaurant. Celtic Candles guarantee to offer the best quality and value candles on the market. All our candles have a guaranteed burning time. They will also burn cleanly with no waste (once instructions are followed). Forget the rest and talk to the best.

We know candles - Celtic Candles established in 1993.



  • Church Candles
    Bolsius made Church/pillar candles. Guaranteed burning times and clean burn.
  • Dinner Candles
    Bolsius quality candles. Guarenteed burning times. Available in 10"/12" and 16". Tapered and straight sided.
  • T Light Candles
    Bolsius quality T lights. Available in 4/6/8/10hr maxi lights. Accessories also available.
  • Graveyard Candles
    Bolsius quality made graveyard candles. Made with 100% vegetable oil. Guarenteed burning times and available in 3 or 7 day.
  • Candle accessories
    Find a candle holder or accessory that compliment your candle.
  • Bolsius aromatic range
    Quality made candles. Guaranteed burning time. Clean burning.
  • Bolsius candles
    Quality candles made in Holland. guarenteed burning times.
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Burning time 15 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 40.00
Showing 19 - 19 of 19 items