Dinner Candles

Bolsius quality candles. Guarenteed burning times. Available in 10"/12" and 16". Tapered and straight sided.

The Benefits of Dining at Home with Candles

For many people, the perception of food is mainly influenced by our body senses including touch, sound, smell, and sight. Adding candles to your dining area helps to enhance the dining experience and will make food and wine taste even better. Some scented candles will have a subtle scent that will complement your food and they also look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Here are the reasons why you need candles when dining at home.

Candles are great for all meals

You can always use candles for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. Candles will help to keep you feeling chilled and you will end up sitting at the table longer. Scented candles can be great, especially during the weekends when everyone is relaxing at home. When it feels cold or it is raining, you can take out your dinner candles as they provide a level of comfort when dining.

Everything will look good

Candlelight will help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining area or home. Glasses and cutlery, particularly crystal, tend to sparkle in the light. Candles will help to add elegance and create a table setting that is visually appealing to everyone. Everything will look better in candlelight.

Enhances calm

In the fast paced world that we live in today, sitting down to have a meal is one of the ways of slowing down time. This is the perfect moment to engage properly, gather your thoughts, or have a good chat with friends or family. The gentle flicker and warm glow of dinner candles will help to add calm and enhance this experience for you and your family.

The vast collection of dinner candles at Celtic Candles offers superior versatility, allowing you to create the right look that you have envisioned for your home or business. You can add candles to your dining table to create the best candle-lit atmosphere or you can create a tranquil, soothing feel and look by surrounding your reception area or spa area with candles. 

Dinner Candles

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