Graveyard Candles

Bolsius quality made graveyard candles. Made with 100% vegetable oil. Guarenteed burning times and available in 3 or 7 day.

Graveyard Candles Keep the Memory of Loved Ones Alive

Graveyard candles are memorial products that help to bring the spirit of hope or brightness to your cemetery visits of the grave of a loved one. Most people light candles in memory of the dead person or for commemorating solemn events. Choose from our wide selection of cemetery candles to help you remember your loved one best. We also have a wide range of candles holders that will ensure your candle lasts longer by protecting it from the elements and you can save cash with our unbeatable prices.

Graveyard candles from Celtic Candles help to create a beautiful atmosphere and a timeless traditional appearance at the graveyard. At Celtic Candles, we stock a wide variety of premium quality candles to suit your needs. Whether you want decorations for the graveyard or for a special event, you will find candles that suit your specific needs.

We stock both scented and unscented graveyard candles and we source our products from renowned suppliers. Celtic Candles is sure to have everything that you have been searching for. We have different candles in a wide range of scents and colors to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for traditionally shaped candles or fancily shaped candles, we have different types of candles to suit your needs.

Our range of graveyard candles can be wonderfully combined with our range of tea light candles, floating candles, votive candles, and candle accessories to create a dazzling display and centerpiece at the graveyard. You can couple our graveyard candles with the extensive variety of candle holders from Celtic Candles. Shop at Celtic Candles today for all types of candles and accessories that you need.

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