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Bolsius Low boys
Low boys, available in 5 colours 75 hour burning time. Case deals available.

Enjoy Indoor or Outdoor Events with Bolsius Low Boys

Enjoy luxurious summer style with Bolsius Lowboys Jar Candles from Celtic Candles. This classic jar candle comes is a rustic café-style glass jar making it ideal for use both indoors and outdoors.  The jar offers protection of the candlelight against draughts and also casts a soft, beautiful glow over any occasion. OurLow boys jar Candles are perfect for any indoor or outdoor occasion.


Our Bolsius Low Boys are set in a glass jar that has a classic rustic finish and texture. This makes them a perfect fit for any space inside or outside your home. Our Low Boys are available in different colors and this means that you can choose colors that blend perfectly with your existing décor. You can also purchase a variety of colors to create a striking ambiance both indoors and outdoors.

Longer burn time

One good feature of our Bolsius Low Boys is their long burn time. The wax inside the glass jar offers a burn time of not less than 75 hours. As a result, you can use our Low Boys several times or for different events and maximize on the candle burn time. Furthermore, you can wash out the glass low boy after the candle is all burnt up and reuse it with maxi light or tea lights. 

Our robust and rustic Bolsius Low Boys look beautiful in any situation or event. Whether you are using them outdoors on the patio table or garden or indoors on your dinner table, these low boys will create a beautiful atmosphere with their flickering light that is protected by a colored glass jar.

Bolsius Low boys