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Containing ingredients such as Lime, Bay Leaf and Clementine.

€ 10.53

Cotton Fresh fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton. Get wrapped up in a cocoon of softness and clean air. Contains natural oils of Patchouli leaving a 'clean sheet' scent in every room.

€ 7.28

The fresh and herbal fragrance of tea tree is perfectly balanced by the zesty freshness of the Sicilian lemon, leaving a crisp and rustic natural scent. This natural fragrance is proving very popular in spas and salons.

€ 5.65

Bolsius quality, 7.5 hours burning time. Quality candles

€ 1.00

Burning time 30 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 16.00

A fresh zingy aroma containing oils of Lemon and Orange leaving a lasting fresh aroma quenching any nose.

€ 9.72

Indulge with our recharging aroma of Neroli and Clementine with notes of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange.

€ 9.72

Spass quality T lights, guarenteed burning time.

€ 7.00

Burning time 64 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 3.95
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