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Contains natural oils of Clove Terpenes, Turpentine oil, Mentha Arvensis oil, Geranium and Sweet Orange oils. An essential oil mix to give you the spa sensation at home.

€ 5.65

Large scented jar, 50 hours burning time. Quality candles.

€ 6.00

24 hour burning re lights. Please see the relight holder for the perfect accessory.52mm x 44mm

€ 45.00

Bolsius quality, 7.5 hours burning time. Quality candles

€ 39.00

Bolsius quality T lights, guarenteed burning time.

€ 4.95

Containing ingredients such as Grapefruit and Fresh Watermelon.

€ 16.22

Elegant and versatile, Bolsius taper candles are the perfect finishing touch to any occasion. These premium quality taper candles boast a minimum seven hour burn time and a high quality wick. They are non drip, burn with a large flame and provide a soft, warm glow.

€ 9.50
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