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Containing ingredients such as Lime Bay Leaf & Clementine.

€ 6

Elegant and versatile, Bolsius taper candles are the perfect finishing touch to any occasion. These premium quality taper candles boast a minimum seven hour burn time and a high quality wick. They are non drip, burn with a large flame and provide a soft, warm glow.

€ 10

Bolsius pillar candles Or church candles, are made with a premium wax blend and burn with a bright, clear and steady flame. The pillar candles are non drip with guaranteed burn times. Pillar candles will enhance any public area with their warm inviting glow.

€ 22

Bolsius quality, 14 hours burning time. Quality candles

€ 9

Contains natural oils of Vetiver oil, Thyme oil red/white and Patchouli oil. Containing ingredients such as lime, mandarin, orange and bergamot; with basil and eucalyptus.

€ 6

Our team will produce a memorable candle for that special day. Turnaround time is 5 days and we will always send a proof before any printing commences to ensure you are happy with the relevent details.Step 1: Complete the personalisation form below.Step 2: Click 'Save'.Step 3: Click 'Add to Cart'. Personalise my candle now!

€ 22
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