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Use our scented sachet to gently fragrance your room, drawers, or laundry cupboards

€ 4.03

Made with our unique blend of 100% organic plant wax. Firtsly remove the paper and label.  Simply place the cute little cupcake-shaped melt on top of any suitable burner and place a t light inside the burner. Enjoy your favourite aroma lasting for up to 30 hours.

€ 2.40

Burning time 110 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 6.95

Burning time 72 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 4.95

The twist of lemon and lime cut through any lingering odours and the ginger harmonises and revitalises. This naturally scented candle is particularly useful in the kitchen.

€ 18.29

Give any room the feeling of a bustling outdoors Christmas market; fresh orange liquer gently warmed by the tingle of cloves and fiery spices.

€ 18.29

Bolsius quality, 7.5 hours burning time. Quality candles

€ 1.00

Burning time 40 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 2.60
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