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The twist of lemon and lime cut through any lingering odours and the ginger harmonises and revitalises. This naturally scented candle is particularly useful in the kitchen.

€ 18.29

Containing 4 of our best selling winter aromas  - Coconut & Amber, Lemongrass & Lime, Cinnamon & Clove and Frankincense & Myrrh.

€ 8.10

Tingly, bubbly and full of life - ignite this naturally scented candle and add a touch of excitement to any space.

€ 18.29

A blend of yummy sweet Brown Sugar and sensual Coconut with a twist of Lime. Perfect blend for a sweet aroma.

€ 2.40

Burning time 45 hours. Available in white or Ivory.

€ 13.95

The fresh and herbal fragrance of tea tree is perfectly balanced by the zesty freshness of the Sicilian Lemon, leaving a crisp and rustic natural scent. This natural fragrance is proving very popular in spas and salons.

€ 18.29

Our exclusive Angel Oil blend is lightly perfumed with the relaxing oils of Neroli, side by side with the harmonious delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Musk.

€ 18.29

Burning time 72 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 32.00

Containing ingredients such as Pomegranate and Spiced Plum.

€ 16.22
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