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Tingly, bubbly with a soft freshness. It will add a touch of excitement to any space.

€ 4.03

Cotton Fresh fragrance is inspired by the freshness of pure white cotton. Get wrapped up in a cocoon of softness and clean air. Contains natural oils of Patchouli and it leaves a 'clean sheet' scent in every area.

€ 9.72

Containing natural oil ingredients. Tingly, bubbly and full of life.

€ 9.72

Containing ingredients such as Mimosa and Charred Lemon.

€ 16.22

A soft aroma containing natural oils. Tingly, bubbly and full of life - ignite this naturally scented candle and add a touch of excitement to any space.

€ 18.29

Bolsius lowboys red- 75 hours burning time

€ 3.00

Containing ingredients such as Lavender, Geranium and Tea Tree.

€ 10.53

Contains natural oils of Vetiver, Thyme red/white and Patchouli. Containing ingredients such as Lime, Mandarin Orange, Bergamot with Basil and Eucalyptus.

€ 18.29
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