Church Candles

Bolsius made Church/pillar candles. Guaranteed burning times and clean burn.

The Uses of Church Candles

In most cultures, light is considered to be a symbol of life-giving power and joy. On the other hand, darkness is associated with destruction and death. Many homeowners light candles in their homes, and they also use them in church for different reasons. At Celtic Candles, we have a wide range of church candles that suit different needs. Our candles can be used for the following:

During worship

We understand that many religions use candles during worship. This is why we have a range of candles in different designs and colors that suit your needs. Buddhists believe that candles are the light of the teaching of Buddha, while Christians believe that candles are a representation of the light of Christ. In Judaism, candles serve as a reminder of the divine presence of God.

 Accompanying prayer

Many people light candles in church to accompany intention or prayer, for example, the Catholic church. They celebrate Christ as being the light of the world and the light of faith in the hearts of believers. Some people believe that smoke from lit church candles is what takes their prayers to heaven.

Remembrance of the departed souls

Candles can also be lit as a memorial for the dead. Candles lit for the dead serve as a remembrance of the individual and continuation of the prayers that are offered for that individual during life. We have a wide range of scented candles that can keep the memories of loved ones alive.

Celtic Candles is the place to go to for all your church candles. With our large selection of candles and candle accessories, you will get items that suit your style. Add a personal touch and get creative with our candles for your special event or church service.

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