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Burning time 20 hours. Available in white or Ivory

€ 0.99

Perfect for most 8/10/12" dinner cadles. Wide base for stability.

€ 3.25

Our exclusive Angel Oil blend is lightly perfumed with the relaxing oils of Neroli side by side with the harmonious delicate floral notes of Jasmine and Musk.

€ 2.40

Indulge with our recharging aroma of Neroli and Clementine with notes of Bergamot and Mandarin Orange.

€ 2.40

Contains natural oils of Clove Tarpenes, Turpentine, Mentha Arvensis, Geranium and Sweet Orange. An essential oil mix to give you the spa sensation at home.

€ 2.40

Bolsius quality T lights, guaranteed burning time.

€ 64.00

Contains natural oils of Cedarwood, Virginian, Patchouli and Sweet Orange. This energising aroma is sweetness with white Jasmine, Rose and Violet Petals.

€ 2.40

Gives any room the feeling of a bustling outdoor Christmas market; fresh orange liqueur gently warmed by the tingle of cloves and fiery spices.

€ 18.29
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